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- redefining how eBay utilises influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become stagnant, the proliferation of sponsored posts and partnerships without thought or idea are stifling across social media. We set out to redefine the way eBay utilises influencer marketing. We created a six part content series featuring influencers from differing disciplines with authentic stories that tied to eBay, showcasing them on both their own, and eBay’s channels. The narrative followed each person by telling their unique story, speaking of their passions for their professions rather than simply championing their audience size. 

From 20 year old rally driver; Catie Munnings, to wildlife photographer; George Turner, the focus for each film was to give the influencers a platform to tell their story, with their voice and how eBay had joined them on their journey along the way. We developed a character through the voiceover that brought a distinctly playful and fun tone to the stories, also creating a consistent dialogue throughout the campaign. Working alongside the influencers, we used genuine archive footage and images to provide an accurate and authentic visual storyboard alongside the brand’s playful new branding. Each video was shot vertically and optimised for mobile, a format the brand had yet to experiment with on social.

eBay | Kate Watson-Smyth | eBayOriginals.png
eBay | Isaac Carew | eBayOriginals.png
eBay | Lucy Williams | eBayOriginals.png
eBay | George Explorer | eBayOriginals.png
eBay | Catie Munnings | eBayOriginals.png
eBay | Tomi | eBayOriginals.png