Reserved Store Launch

Launching a European retail giant in London with interactive editorial content


Develop a launch strategy for European retailer Reserved’s first UK store opening, that will drive mass awareness and buzz, supporting the brand campaign with Brit icon, Kate Moss.


It began with an immersive experience on Reserved’s home turf in Poland. Joined by the UK’s top fashion influencers, we set off for Gdansk on a Reserved branded private jet with an amplified strategy on the newly launched, Instagram Stories. The 24 hour story saw influencers touch down in Poland, ready to be immersed in Reserved, showcasing the brands’ heritage, design process and the imminent launch in London with Kate Moss. 


The editorial stories content was the first of it’s kind for high street retail, with each piece of content being shot, edited and uploaded in a 30 minute period, with the story achieving over 75k views in the first 2 hours.