Intel x RSC

Reimagining Shakespeare for a younger audience through film


Introduce Shakespeare to a millennial audience through Intel and The RSC’s joint production of ‘The Tempest’ at the Barbican.


Our approach effectively combatted the stigma associated with Shakespeare, providing the opportunity to engage with his work through a format that speaks to them. The atmospheric film is a visceral and dramatic reading that incorporates the story of ‘The Tempest’ in a new and engaging way. We nodded to theme of the play with subtle camera and editing techniques, without over-complicating the concept, allowing Suli Breaks to take front and centre.

Alongside the revered spoken word artist, Suli Breaks, we created an up-to-date monologue from the play, reworking Shakespeare for the modern day and showcasing the key role technology has in evolving people’s experiences, particularly in the dramatic arts.


The campaign increased awareness of the Tempest production amongst the target demographic. As a result, ticket sales increased by 18% and in addition, the film generated over 1M organic views in 3 days across social.