Augustinus Bader

Utilising the power of brand reviews through a short-form video series


Create a series of short films with a range of credible talent discussing their authentic approach to skincare and how Augustinus Bader can play a significant role of the skin’s rejuvenation process.

The Challenge

A content series that spanned from traditional how-to to brand led content with in-depth interviews with industry leaders, from key leading beauty editor, Susannah Taylor, beauty ‘skinfluencer’, Emma Hoareau, and grooming influencer Timothy James, all with incredibly engaged audiences of beauty fans. The content was produced and edited with multiple formats and audiences in mind. Longer form “how-to’s” increased the brand awareness for skincare SEO with the brand-led content becoming an opportunity for a new audience to discover Augustinus Bader, in a new and engaging way across multiple platforms.

The Response

A series of product reviews from ambassadors that aligned with the core target audiences. The key outcome was a bank of content, that could be distributed across multiple channels highlighting different characteristics of the product for differing audiences. The aesthetic of each of the films was a key consideration to align with the brand launch while developing the content distributed by the brand.

View the full series here.

Emma Hoareau


Timothy James

Mens Grooming

Susannah Taylor

Beauty Editor